Sept. 29, 2022

Still Austin Cask Strength Bourbon!

Still Austin Cask Strength Bourbon!
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On today's episode we have a glass of Still austin Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey! We talk about a common topic for us, CORN! As well as the Elevage process, and FFA and the cattle business.  All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

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Be sure to show some love for the company that brought you today's bottle! 


-Founded in 2015 by three Austin families, Still Austin Whiskey Co. is a true grain-to-glass distillery, located in the heart of Austin, Texas. 

-All spirits are handcrafted using grains grown by Texas farmers. 

-Still Austin places a high value on sustainability, with a focus on cutting carbon emissions through local sourcing, increasing the biodiversity of the region through heritage grains, returning spent grains to local ranchers to feed their animals, and operating a distillery that is designed for energy efficiency and water conservation.

-Still Austin Whiskey Co. performs a very unique process during the aging of its bourbon. Referred to as “Élevage”, a small amount of water is added during each month of aging to gradually proof down the bourbon and accentuate its interaction with the wood.


-In 2021 they decided to release their cask strength bourbon. This bottling does not use the same unique process to proof it down. 

-Mashbill: 70% Non-GMO White Corn, 25% Elbon Rye and 5% Wildfire Malted Barley

-It would seem that most distilleries in Texas have started to us White corn instead of yellow dent corn. 

-Specialty and white corn are typically grown for specific purposes. White corn contains higher levels of starch, which make it perfect to be used in corn chips, tortillas, and other popular food products. 

-Texas is a large producer of dent corn and white corn.

-They have two permanent bottling offerings 

-Cask Strength and the “Musician” 

-They have over 11 different special releases that they have done.