Jan. 5, 2023

Old Overholt 114 Rye!

Old Overholt 114 Rye!
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On today's episode we have a glass of Old Overholt 114 Rye!  This is the start of our series on Budget Rye’s, and for bang for buck, this is one of the best! We talk about the craft Beverage scene, How companies got around prohibition laws, And bottle labels.  All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

25:30- flavor

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  • Old Overholt is one of those bottles that people look at and wonder if it is actually good. 
  • All 3 of their bottles are under $40 and range from $24-$35 for the bottle.
  • The labeling looks old and outdated, but it has history behind it.


  • Said to be America's oldest continually maintained brand of whiskey, it was founded in West Overton, Pennsylvania, in 1810.
  • Old Overholt is a rye whiskey distilled by A. Overholt & Co., currently a subsidiary of Beam Suntory, which is a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Osaka, Japan. 
  • It is currently distilled at the Jim Beam distillery in Clermont, KY
  • Henry Oberholzer (Anglicized to “Overholt”), a German Mennonite farmer, moved to West Overton, Pennsylvania, on the banks of Jacobs Creek in Western Pennsylvania in 1800.  His family came from the area of Germany which specialized in distilling “korn”, or rye whiskey, and Henry took up the tradition.
  • In 1810, Henry’s son took over the management of the distillery and made it into a business. 
  • By the 1820s, the distillery was putting out 12 to 15 gallons of rye whiskey per day. 
  • By 1859, Overholt incorporated his business as “A. Overholt & Co.” He operated out of a new distillery building that was six stories high, 100 feet long, and which could produce 860 gallons per day.
  • Old Overholt was one of six distilleries allowed to continue issuing bottled-in-bond, government stamped, pints with a dosage cup atop the cap and doctor’s prescription attached to the back.
  • Beam bought out the old overholt in 1986, when they made the purchase of Dekuyper Peachtree Schnapps. This was during a time when brown liquor was frowned upon and clear liquors were in. 


  • Mooch or buy? 

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