March 16, 2023

Old George Single Barrel from Grand Traverse

Old George Single Barrel from Grand Traverse

On today's episode we have Old George Single Barrel From Grand Traverse.  Our series of Craft Distillers has begun! We start with Grand Traverse out of Michigan.  We talk about Lab Grown Meat, Ryes and Irish Whiskey, and Whiskey Prices.  All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers!

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  • We found this awesome liquor store in Kalamazoo Michigan 
    • Stadium Liquor (Richy’s)
    • Floor to ceiling of whiskey behind the counter
  • I did not get to meet the owner, Richy, but his sister called him so that he and I could talk about whiskey
    • Shout out to him and a big thank you
    • He highly recommended this bottle 
    • Also Found out Grand Traverse is not Traverse City
  • Kent Rabish grew up on a small family farm in Pinconning, Michigan. 
    • One day Kent came across a still hidden in the back of the barn. 
    • Grandpa George had been putting the excess grain to good use.
  • The memory of Grandpa’s still comes calling. 
    • Grand Traverse Distillery opened in 2005. 
    • Northern Michigan’s first craft distillery.
  • To this day, they are committed to doing things right.
    • use only local grains, from farms just a few miles down the road. 
    • distill, age, and bottle every spirit that carries the Grand Traverse name. 
  • This is a true family operation
    • Kent opens
    • His son Landis is now the master distiller
    • Steven oversees logistics and production
  • This bottle the Old George Single Barrel Rye: 
    • This is our Rye Whiskey pulled from a single barrel right at cask strength after being aged for four to five years. The high proof brings out the sweeter toasted oak notes balanced with the earthy flavor from the Rye, along with a punch on the back of the palate from the cask strength.
  • They make a lot of different products ranging from 
    • Chipotle Vodka 
      • Our Wheat Vodka infused with chipotle peppers to create a smoky and spicy flavor. This vodka is perfect for Bloody Mary lovers who like a little heat.
    • Isles O’Rye
      • Locally grown rye and peated malted barley from Scotland join forces to merge American rye spice with the richness of traditional peated single malt whiskey.
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