April 7, 2022

Kaiyo Signature Mizunara Oak Whisky!

Kaiyo Signature Mizunara Oak Whisky!
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On todays episode we have a glass of Kaiyo Signature Japanese Mizunara Oak Whisky. A Japanese Whisky, aged in Mizunara Oak, and sent on a voyage to ocean age for at least 3 months. Japanese whisky is a lot like scotch, but very much its own thing. And as it becomes more popular, hopefully we will get a lot more options here in the states!

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Kaiyo Whisky

  • Blend from different Japanese distilleries
  • Aged in mizunara Oak
    • This oak is very knotty and the barrels have a leakage problem, but you get really interesting flavor and aroma
  • It leaves Osaka Japan on a 3 month voyage then returns
    • This actually makes it technically not a Japanese Whisky because it leaves Japan.

What is Japanese whisky?

  • Must be  mashed, fermented, distilled, matured, and bottled in Japan
  • Malted or un-malted cereal grains only
  • 3 years in wooden casks no larger than 700 L
  • Min 40 ABV
  • Odd things
    • The wood type is not specified
    • Plain Caramel coloring can be added without disclosure
  • If a whiskey does not meet this standard, but was around before April 1 2021, it can continue as is and still call itself Japanese whiskey until March 31, 2024




  • What makes mizunara oak distinct from European oak and White oak? For one, it enjoys a unique sweet and spicy flavor profile which can be attributed to the oak lactones ratio and high level of vanilla. Aromas evoked from the mizunara oak are kara, a type of oriental incense, sandalwood, and coconut.
  • Research studies have shown that mizunara matured whisky contain more lactones (parts per million) than whiskies matured in either European oak or White oak. An even more riveting discovery was the prevalence of “trans-oak” lactones in Mizunara whisky. This was a remarkable find as it was thought that “cis-oak” lactones can possess a smell up to ten times stronger than “trans-oak” lactones.
  • With it being ocean-aged:
    • The movement ensures there’s always contact with the wood
    • Along the way they experience high temperatures which accelerates the aging process
    • There are also frequent air pressure changes that force the mizunara wood to contract and expand
  • Aroma
    • Smells of continental breakfast, apple juice,
  • Flavor notes
    • Very scotch like, speyside
    • Red Apple
    • Light smoke
    • Not strong, easy drinking
    • Watered down (in a good way)

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