March 2, 2023

Jeptha Creed interview Part 1!

Jeptha Creed interview Part 1!

On today's episode we have part one of our interview with Jeptha Creed!  The first post prohibition distillery in Shelby county KY!  We talk with the owner and Master Distiller, Joyce, and her daughter, Master Marketer, Autumn, about their journey to Distilling, the power of corn varieties, and chemical engineering! Oh, and Cody went along cause I'm still working! All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

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Part 1

  • Bloody butcher 4 grain
    • The malt was an accident
    • A true ground to glass experience
    • The idea of using bloody butcher corn came from gardening tomatoes
  • Engineering meets distilling
    • Head distiller is a chemical engineer by trade
    • Fell in love with the idea of ground to glass
    • Husband is a dairy farmer so they have the land
    • They can experiment with different corns since they grow it
  • The power of varieties
    • Different corn changes flavor, just like different grapes change the flavor of wine 
  • Opened on veterans day
    • Honoring our veterans is a family core value
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