June 30, 2022

Crown Royal Peach! A Summertime Must!

Crown Royal Peach! A Summertime Must!
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On today's episode we have a glass of  Crown Royal Peach! Crown is well known for their flavored whiskey, but how do they flavor their whiskeys? And are they even whiskeys?  All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

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  • Has the distinct crown smell
  • Aspartame
  • Peach rings
  • Peach schnapps


  • Very sweet
  • Tea like sweetness
  • Real peach flavor
    • Not artificial
  • The peach is not overpowering compared to the other crown flavors


  • The peach and the alcohol mix, leaving an unpleasant mix.
  • The crown comes out ahead in the battle for flavor

Final thoughts

Crown Royal peach follows the tradition of a sweet canadian whiskey.  The most surprising thing though is the flavoring process.  Because there isnt any artificial flavors, you get the sweetness of a real peach.  The peach juice used is very prominent on the nose, but it falls short in the flavor.  It is definitely there, but unfortunately even lowering their proof to 70 wasn't enough.  

The peach is strong enough that this would make for an amazing mixer.  Putting this with tea or lemonade would make a perfect summertime drink, that would be fitting along any lake or ocean.


  • Crown Royal Peach came in 3rd for the best flavored whiskey that Crown produces. 
    • It was beat out by Vanilla (#2) and Apple (#1
  • Canadian whiskey has gotten a bad rep for adding juice or artificial flavors to their finished product. 
    • It got started when they were allowed to mix American whiskey in with the barrels when they would bring barrels into the US
      • However they did this to get a tax break
      • would make more sense as to why Canadian Club started out as an American whiskey and then moved up (that and given prohibition) 
  • Crown Royal’s flavored whiskey line up has always been super strong when it comes to the flavoring
  • this may not be the case, but might be partial truth. 
    • According to the Canadian whiskey playbook, if a whiskey contains additional flavoring spirit, that spirit must age for at least two years in wood.
      • Seldomly exercised rule though
  • all ingredients going into Canadian whiskey are distilled, barrelled, and aged separately.
    • This is why most believe Canadian whiskey is not only the most friendly whiskey, but also why it is so sweet. 
  • What we have not talked about is the 9.09% rule that Canadian whiskey has.
    • Master blenders are allowed to add up to 9.09% of flavoring spirit or flavoring to their blend. This started out as a way to allow for Canadian whiskey to get some tax breaks when shipping into America, but has turned into an art that most master blenders use