May 5, 2022

Bristol Republic Knob Creek Single Barrel Select!

Bristol Republic Knob Creek Single Barrel Select!
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On todays episode we have a glass of Bristol Republic’s Knob Creek Single Barrel Select! If you are looking for barrel picks to try, Bristol Republic is the place to go! This Knob Creek Single Barrel Select threw us for a loop in the best way! If you are in the Columbus area, be sure to stop and have a glass, it will be well worth it!

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Also, Be sure to show some love for the company that brought you todays bottle!

  • I thought for the longest time that Knob Creek was named after some family member or some weird relative of the Noe family or the Beam family seeing how the majority of their bottles are that way.
  • This one is named after a legit creek that supposedly ran behind Abraham Lincoln's house.
  • Knob Creek 9 year was first released in 1992 by Booker Noe (6th generation distiller)
    • Created with the aim to recapture pre prohibition style bourbon, with more time spent in the barrel and higher proof.
  • The one we have today is Knob Creek Single Barrel Select that Bristol Republic picked out and were kind enough to give us a sample of.
  • Each barrel select that Knob creek does remains unblended and a true single barrel for the place that bought it.
    • There are some places that will allow you to pick barrels and blend them, we had one that did that (or was rumored to) the Alpha by Cornerstone
  • In true Noe fashion, they do ensure that every barrel and every drop is held to the very rigorous standards of Booker Noe. (The public got a taste of those standards a couple of years ago when Bookers only released three bottling’s due to the fourth one not meeting the standards that Booker Noe would have held to)
    • The whiskey is said to go in around 125 proof and they bottle it at 120 for all barrel selects
    • All of the barrels for knob creek are at a level 4 char
      • They believe this allows for the most flavor to be pulled
    • All of the barrels are stored and aged in Clermont
      • Apparently it has the best climate for the best results.
    • All of the bottles are a minimum of 9 years old before they will bottle it
  • There are several ways for stores to participate in the Knob Creek Single Barrel Experience: they can come to Kentucky for the grand tour, they can sample remotely via a custom sampling kit, or they can leave it up to the distiller. They work with each account to make sure they get their own barrel, exactly how they like it.

Tasting notes:

  • Just because I know the owner and have worked with him in picking barrels before, I knew this was going to be on the sweeter side for a Knob creek.
    • Others that have tried it and compared it to another, different, store pick I have, say it does have sweeter notes to it but a high proof finish


  • Since we cannot buy a bottle of this, the question is not mooch or buy, but rather would you recommend going to Bristol for several glasses of this? And would you recommend people visiting Bristol Republic to have a glass or two of any of their barrel picks?

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