April 21, 2022

A Private Select from Makers Mark!

A Private Select from Makers Mark!
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On todays episode we have a glass of Makers Mark Private Select from Handy Spot in Ashley, IN! This is our second barrel pick from handy spot and we are once again impressed! Though this bottle can’t be reproduced due to the stave selection process being different, we’ll help you find the right stave selection for you!

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Started in 1953 by Bill Samuals

Took his families 170 year old recipe and set it on fire

By accident of course

The original recipe was made with rye

Not gonna lie kind of upset now that he set it on fire

Bill decided to have a little experiment since instead of time to come up with mashbill

He made loaves of bread

Markers is famous for their distinct bottle shape and that red wax dipping, which was all thanks to Bill’s wife.

He had everything to do with the flavor and nothing to do with the look

Barrel picks vs Maker’s Private Selects

Barrel picks tend to be single barrels that people pick out

Private selects is something Makers created to be original

Thought creating your own flavor was better than picking a barrel that you could never recreate.

How it works

They start with a barrel of Makers cask strength

Aged about 6 years

People then get to select 10 finishing staves to put in the barrel that sits for an additional 9 weeks

The go through a makers 101 first to get an idea of what the staves add flavor wise

P2 or Backed American Pure

Virgin American oak and French oak are the woods of choice for Private Selection finishing staves. P2, or Baked American Pure, is made from American oak and is the first stave sampled in the program. It adds notes of brown sugar, vanilla, caramel and spice.

Seared French Cuvee

Next in the tasting order is Cu, also known as Seared French Cuvée. Cu is made from French oak that's ridge-cut and seared with infrared heat. It gives off toasty notes of oak and caramel.

Makers 46

The next finishing stave is the one used to finish Maker's Mark 46. It's made from seared French oak and delivers dried fruit, vanilla and spice. A barrel fitted with 10 of these staves would give you a cask-strength version of Maker's Mark 46.

Bottled at cask Strength

Ranges from 107-114

That is incredibly low for cask strength

2nd barrel pick highly recommended handy spot store pick Ashley

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