July 14, 2022

The Return of Detrick Rye from The Belle of Dayton Distillery!

The Return of Detrick Rye from The Belle of Dayton Distillery!
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On today's episode we have a glass of Detrick 4 barrel 4 grain straight rye from the Belle of Dayton Distillery. When Belle of Dayton Distillery heard of the old brand Detricks, they decided to bring it back.  A brand well known for their gin and vodka, This is Belle of Dayton's first go at a whiskey, and they went with a Rye!  A very impressive and gutsy move, that paid off!  All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

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Belle of Dayton Detrick Straight Rye Four barrel 4 Grain

52% (104 Proof)

At least 2 years old

$69.95 OHLQ price


  • Drinks hotter due to the rye spice
  • Mild sweetness from the corn
    • Mild honey sweetness
  • Butterscotch, Quality, Like a werthers 
  • Toasted Marshmallow (more toasted than marshmallow)
  • Cold Black tea
  • Smooths out into a velvety finish

Final Thoughts

At 104 proof, this has some fire to it, and the rye makes it even hotter.  By no means is this a negative.  A spicy rye with a hint of sweetness, it starts strong but softens as it goes, ending in a velvety finish.  The sweetness is mild, and we compare it to a black tea with a little honey.

For this being Belle of Dayton's first whiskey, I can say without a doubt that I am excited for more.  To come out of the gate with a Rye instead of a bourbon is a risky move, but it sets them apart, and since they succeeded in the bottle, puts them in front of the pack. 


  • Personally, local craft distilleries always have a spot on my shelf and in my collection
    • Which means I get really excited when I find a new distillery that is making their own whiskey.
  • Belle of Dayton Distillery has been around since 2013
    • Three brothers decided that it was a good idea to go into the distilling business when everyone else was going into the brewery business 
    • They took classes in Kentucky and Chicago before renovating a building that is located in the historic Oregon District of Dayton. 
    • Got their start just making vodka and gin and they took their time producing their whiskey
      • They make a vodka called Hell’s Vodka that combines the hottest peppers
  • Prior to prohibition, Detrick Distilling Co. operated a distillery in Tippecanoe and sold its copper-distilled rye whiskey in Dayton. 
    • These brothers decided they wanted to attempt to bring back a part of history to the city of dayton. 
  • This bottle, has a blend of 4 different rye barrels (53 gallon) 
    • A 6 year old barrel (barreled 5/14/15)
    • Almost 5 year old barrel (barreled 4/29/16)
    • Almost a year old barrel (8/24/17) 
    • Almost a year old barrel (4/20/18) 
  •  That means these guys have been sitting on barrels of whiskey for 6 years 
  • Their first attempt at a whiskey and they win double gold at the World of Spirits Competition
  • The bottles out right now are from their first blend from 2021 and The next bottle they plan to put out will be older than this one!