May 11, 2023

Rich and Rare Reserve!

Rich and Rare Reserve!
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On today's episode we have a glass of Rich and Rare Reserve!  We continue our Canadian series with Special Guest Blake from the club!  We talk about Reserve for Canadians, pricing, and millennials!  All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

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Be sure to show some love for the company that brought you today's bottle! 

  • History of distillery
    • Sazerac owns this brand now. It is not talked about when it was purchased, but seeing how Sazerac has bought out most of the brands they own, I am assuming this was a purchase. 
    • Sazerac is very tightly lipped on this bottle. I cannot find out when it was founded
    • Where it was founded
      • This is a Canadian whisky, distilled and aged in Canada, but then shipped to the US to be bottled. 
    • Fun Fact, cannot find anything on this brand’s history or story or what distillery it is being made. All I can find is that it is being distilled and aged in Canada, and then shipped to the US for Sazaerac to blend and bottle. 
  • Tasting
  • The bottle
    • The look of the bottle
    • What is written on it
    • Notes on why it looks the way it does
  • The juice
    • When was this expression created
    • Why did it come about
    • Mash bill
    • Who made it
  • The type
    • Does it follow the rules of a certain type of whiskey?
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