May 26, 2022

Pikes Creek 10 with the Whiskey Noobs Podcast!

Pikes Creek 10 with the Whiskey Noobs Podcast!
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On todays episode we have a glass of Pikes Creek 10 year while chatting with Chris From the Whiskey Noobs Podcast! Whiskey Noobs is a podcast for whiskey lovers of all experience levels. Whiskey knowledge, tips, and tricks for beginners. Reviews, stories, and entertaining conversation for ALL whiskey lovers. Learn to Drink, Drink to Learn. Lets learn about Pikes creek and the Whiskey noobs today on the whiskey chasers podcast!

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  • Made by Corby distilling in ontario.
    • Henry corby opened a bakery in 1832 and in 1855 is bought a gristmill, he began distilling his extra grains and in 1859, opened corby distilling
    • There master blender, Dr Don Livermore, has his PhD in Wood sciences
      • Because of this lots of attention is paid to the barrel selection process, and he understands what is left in the barrel for aging.
  • It was originally aged in port barrels, but due to sourcing issues switched to rum in 2016
  • Pikes creek started in 2012, and came to the US in 2013

Whiskey noobs:

  • How long have you been going?
  • What made you start?
  • Are you a noob or is that your audience?

Tasting notes:


  • Where can people find whiskey noobs?
  • Mooch or buy?

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