Aug. 4, 2022

Old Money By Six & Twenty!

Old Money By Six & Twenty!
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On today's episode we have a glass of  Old Money from Six & Twenty.  A light wheated whiskey from South Carolina.  It’s a little light for us, so we also got out the bernheim Original to compare with it.  Greg joined us once again from the club, and antics ensued. All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

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Be sure to show some love for the company that brought you today's bottle! 

  • This bottle Six&Twenty is from Piedmont South Carolina
    • Which, by the way, South Carolina only has 35 distilleries and out of those 35 only about 17 (2 closed due to covid) make a whiskey of some kind. The majoring of the distillers in South Carolina do moonshine or rum. 
    • When I think South Carolina, I think beach and sand and it makes sense that the majority of the distilleries do rum.
  • Six&Twenty is a veteran owned distillery that  was founded in 2011 by David Raad and Farmer Redmon. He wanted to create a company that embodied the uniqueness of Upstate South Carolina. 
    • Six & Twenty Distillery is named after a 1700’s legend of a Choctaw Indian maiden named Issaqueena, who fell for Englishman Alan Francis. Eventually, Issaqueena was captured by the Cherokee and overheard a plan by the tribe to overtake Francis’ trading post. Legend has it that, in an effort to warn Francis, Issaqueena escaped on horseback. Along her ride, she would name landmarks to help identify them. One of those landmarks was the Six & Twenty Creek, located near the present day distillery, and was named because it was located about twenty six miles from the Cherokee village.
  • This bottle, Old Money Wheat Whiskey, is a mash bill of Soft Red Winter Wheat and Barley. 
    • 80 proof and it is indicated to be at least 3 years.
    • Name “Old Money” came from how rich the flavor was and how much it reminded the owner and his wife of the old money that upstate south carolina was built on 
  • The Upstate is made up of Greenville, Spartanburg, and and Anderson and from what I can understand, it really sounds like people in The Upstate are snooty tooty and think they are better than everyone else in South Carolina
    • Then again, this old money is really good so I can understand their argument 
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