April 13, 2023

lediag 10 year!

lediag 10 year!
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On today's episode we have a glass of Lediag 10 year.  Continuing our Scotch series with special guest Ryan from the club, we drink Lediag 10 year from the mole region of scotland.  We talk about seaweed, the Gin craze, and peatless scotch.  All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

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  • I have never heard of this brand before. Tipsy recommended it after one of this usual suspects asked him to bring in a case (which is only 6 bottles) and the guy bought 4 that day. 
  • History:
    • The dream for this distillery started in 1797, when John Sinclair, a local Kelp merchant, decided to apply for a lease of 57 acres of land known as Ledaig. 
      • And yes he was a seaweed merchant
    • He had these great plans to build housing and a distillery 
      • He was rejected for that and was approved for a brewery instead
    • He ignored that and a year later he built the distillery known as ledaig
    • 1930’s come around, as did the great depression, prohibition and the halting of operations at this distillery for over 41 years
    • 1990’s brought life to the distillery, as it was bought out and reopened by Burn Stewart Distillers 
    • 2000’s brought yet another buyout and ownership, but this time it also brought a team that wanted to bring it back to life for the public. 
      • Purchased in 2013 by Distell, the renovated and reopened the Tobermory Distillery in 2019
  • They are the only distillery on this island, which the island only has 2,667 people and is only 338 square miles 
    • Takes about 2 hours to drive around the whole island 
    • And it is the 4th largest island in Scotland 
  • Meet the team: 
    • They only have 4 people showing for the “meet the team” section on their website. 
      • Master Distiller
      • Distillery Manager
      • Master Blender
      • Visitor Center Manager
  • Their Whiskey:
    • Tobermory Whiskey
      • Unpeated Whiskey? 
    • Ledaig Whiskey
      • True peated Scotch
  • This bottle: 
    • As with all our single malts, this peated Ledaig is non-chill filtered and natural color.  
    • Bottled at 46.3% and produced using peated (30-40 ppm) concerto barley.
      • Might be the first distillery that has stated what brand of grain they use 
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