April 20, 2023

Laphroig Lore!

Laphroig Lore!
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On today's episode we have a glass of Laphroig Lore! Continuing our scotch series with special guest Ryan from the club, an Avid scotch fan! We talk about Lagavulin vs. Laphroig, the peating and malting process, and BBQ. All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

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  • Last time we had Laphroaig on the podcast we talked about their colored past involving the war between two families/distilleries. More specifically we talked about the war over the water that is used and here is why
    • The water supply that they pull from is already, naturally peated. 
    • Kilbride Reservoir
  • They hand cut their own peat
    • 3 months for it to dry out, weather permitting 
    • “Grassy roots and fungi” and “mainland peat is pull from the forest not by the sea”  is what makes Islay peat different than mainland
  • Malt their own Barley
    • Steeping the malt (Soaked for 2 days)
    • Still use a malting floor (Holds 7 tonnes=to 7.7 tons) 
    • Windows stay open to help maintain the right temperature (about 60 degrees)
    • They also have to turn the barley once a day
  • Peating their Barley
    • The peat it before it dries 
    • 17 hour process 
    • They use a cold smoke method (kind of like smoking cheese)

  • This bottle:
    • Created using techniques that have been passed down for generations, this single malt Scotch is made from some of the most precious whiskies in our Atlantic storehouse. Our master distillers select spirits from five different cask types, including ex-Bourbon barrels, 19th Century-style quarter casks and large Oloroso sherry butts.
    • Aged anywhere from seven years to 21 years, each spirit brings its own element — and lore — to the blend.The result is the richest expression of our unforgettable peated whisky. Sparkling gold, this rich and smoky Scotch tastes of fall days by the ocean with hints of ash and bitter chocolate. A long, sweet finish and spicy chili tingle make this dram utterly unparalleled. Serve neat, or over ice.
    • Complex blend of small-batch Scotch whisky, matured in five casks
    • Rich, smoky taste with hints of dark chocolate and ocean air
    • Crafted based on traditions passed down through generations
    • Aged from 7 to 21 years for the richest possible Laphroaig flavor
    • 2019 International Wine and Spirit Competition Silver
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