June 16, 2022

Happy Fathers Day with Lagavulin Guinness Edition!

Happy Fathers Day with Lagavulin Guinness Edition!
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On todays episode we have a glass of Lagavulin Guinness Offerman Edition! Lagavulin Is nick Offerman’s Daily drinker, and Guinness is much loved by his father. So for fathers day, Nick had them combined by finishing an 11 year old Lagavulin in Guinness barrels for 4 months. The result is your classic Lagavulin boldness, with an added layer of chocolate that is hard to beat! Happy fathers day to all the dads out there, and we hope you have a day with few chores, and many memories! All that and more on todays episode of Whiskey Chasers!

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  • Lagavulin Guinness Edition
    • 11 years
    • 46%/92 proof
    • Finished in barrels used by Guinness for 4 months

Lagavulin has been around since1816 and their 16 year old has been a staple of their portfolio since 1989. Nick Offerman has been a fan of the company for almost as long as their 16 year bottle has been around! So, it should be no surprise that he collaborated with them for a second time to release this special bottle. To make things even more special, Nick decided to have this 11 year old lagavulin bottle finished in one of his dad’s favorite beers. As the story is told, after a long day of work Nick would find him and his dad enjoying a glass of their favorite drinks. For Nick, it was a dram of Lagavulin and for his dad, it was a pint of Guinness. Nick, having such admiration and respect for his dad, decided to finish this bottle in Guinness barrels and then have it released around Father’s Day in 2021. This limited edition has a suggested price of $79.99; however, if you can find it now you are looking at paying over $100 for the bottle.


  • It’s classic Lagavulin with campfire smoke, brine, and citrus notes, along with a fresh new layer of vanilla and chocolate.


  • The aromas translate onto the palate with salted caramel, campfire, sea spray, and fruit. The dark chocolate and vanilla notes are joined by a touch of chili pepper.


  • The finish lingers with smoky peat and baking chocolate.

Final Thoughts:

  • If you ever wondered if some of the most smoky, peaty scotch could blend well with a rich, dark stout, then you’d be thrilled to know that it is possible! Nick Offerman and his father should be proud of this bottle! It is one that we struggled to not finish and one Chris did not go light on the pours for.
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