April 14, 2022

Buffalo Trace Kosher Rye!

Buffalo Trace Kosher Rye!
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On todays episode we have a glass of Buffalo Traces Kosher Rye Recipe! The process to become kosher is long and complex, but has a big pay off for those of the jewish faith. With Passover starting this week, we wanted to delve into the Kosher process.

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  • Buffalo Trace is a very popular and very well known brand.
  • They started releasing three bottles under the “Kosher” label in 2020
  • There are more bottles of whiskey that are Kosher than what you realize.
  • However, buffalo trace claims that this is the first authentic Kosher Whiskey
  • Sazerac who owns buffalo trace is run by a jewish chairman, which is what caused the spark of trying to create a kosher whiskey.
    • William Goldring is the chairman
  • In 2012 William sold new American oak “kosher” barrels to a non-jewish executive employee.
    • Which was the start to the kosher line up
    • What makes a barrel kosher?
      • Is there a cooperage that is kosher certified?
  • They were then filled with buffalo trace whiskey and set aside.
    • Now in order to remain kosher these barrels have to be overseen and touch by people who were non jewish
    • It could not be touch by a jew in order to remain kosher
  • These barrels were then aged for at least 7 years, some rumor 8 years, and then the barrels were ready to be bottled
  • The bottling lines had to be cleaned prior to having the kosher juice running through them.
  • All of this had to be overseen and approved by cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council)
  • Now in true Sazerac fashion, they believe that their product is Superior to all other kosher whiskey
    • Quoted saying
      • “We realize having a truly certified Kosher whiskey is important to not only the Jewish community, but also a broader audience, and we are pleased that we have the ability to offer it each year to reach this audience”
    • But it took them 10 years to even start this process.
      • Other companies have been doing it for years
  • Now what does it take to be kosher?
    • Just like food, the rules of Kashrut (also known as kashrus or kashruth), has to be followed
      • A set of dietary laws from the Hebrew bible dictating which foods Jewish People can eat and how those foods may be prepared.
    • All of the ingredients and equipment used has to be certified Kosher and has to be cleaned if it contained anything that was not kosher.
  • Here are the other companies that have had Kosher for years
    • Journeyman distillery = 13 years
    • Glenrothes Scotch = 10 years
    • Glenmorangie =9 years

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