Feb. 2, 2023

Angel's Envy

Angel's Envy

On today's episode we have a glass of Angels Envy! Angels envy started the wine finish craze, so we are starting our wine finished series on it! We talk about math puns, port wine finishing, and the journey from wine drinker, to whiskey drinker.  All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers!

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  • You ever wonder how some of these distilleries come up with their name or the names of their bottles? 
    • Angel’s Envy sounds odd to most and catchy to others, but there is a reason behind the name
      • After the distiller tasted his finished product, after it was finished in the port wine barrels. He stated that if the Angel’s share is what evaporates, then the Angel’s Envy is what is left in the barrel. 


  • Founded in 2010 by father and son, Lincoln and Wes Henderson.
  • Lincoln was a master distiller at brown-forman for about 40 years. 
    • He was the driving force behind Gentleman Jack
    • Instrumental in brands such as woodford reserve and the creation of Jack Daniels Single Barrel. 
  • His dad retired, to live a nice quiet life, and his son convinced him to come out of retirement and collaborate on a long-time idea that Lincoln had never had the chance to explore previously.
    • The idea: using port barrels and secondary finishing techniques
  • Angel’s Envy is recognised for being one of the first to use secondary finishing in bourbon, a method traditionally reserved for Scotch, to add greater depth and complexity to the whiskey.
    • Ironically, we are far behind the times and not the first to do this. 
  • Angel’s Envy did not have a distillery until 2013, when it broke ground on the distillery. The distillery was not finished until 2016 and it was fully functioning at that time. 
    • As of now, they are distilling their own bourbon, but the rye is being sourced from MGP as it is very messy to make (This is what they say during their tour)

Steve Notes

  •  There were supply issues early on
  • The name is the angels being envious of whats left
  • Finished for 3 years
  • Nick thinks its to sweet
    • Very friendly and sweet
  • Chris says heavy oak
    • Apricot
  • Cody
    • Basil hayden wine cast is first
    • This is second for a journey from wine to whiskey
  • Utility bourbon
    • Its a shelfer and friendly enough to be a daily drinker
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