June 23, 2022

An Elijah craig Barrel Pick from Bristol Republic!

An Elijah craig Barrel Pick from Bristol Republic!

On todays episode we have a glass of Elijah craig Barrel pick from Bristol Republic in Columbus. At 128.3 proof, it drinks SO Smooth for its proof. If you are in Columbus, come over to Bristol for this bottle! We also talk widow Jane, and a few other samples we got from Elijah craig. All that and more on todays episode of Whiskey Chasers!

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Some of the best bottles can be found at an inexpensive price and seem cheap, but they come with loads of history and experience. This bottle is no different. Elijah Craig was a preacher, teacher and entrepreneur who built the first paper and wool mills in Georgetown KY and the father of bourbon. He was also the first distiller who decided to age his bourbon in new charred oak barrels. No one really knows if this was on purpose or on accident, but what we do know is that it set the standard for the barrels that bourbon was aged in.


  • Elijah Craig Private Barrel Picked by Bristol Republic
    • Age: 11 years old
    • Proof: 128.3
  • This sample was graciously provided to us by Bristol Republic for review on the podcast.


  • Does not smell its proof
  • Mild
  • Authentic Corn Elijah Craig Smell


  • Does not drink its proof
  • Light in color, light in flavor
  • Crisp
  • Red apple, Like a red Delicious
  • Fruity sweet (not candy)
  • The flavor grows. The flavor layers on top of itself
  • Not a lot of caramel
  • Strong Vanilla Bean


  • High proof doesn’t taste it but it drys your mouth and gives you a numbing sensation
  • Not very oily.
  • The drying effect of the high proof burns the flavor into your taste buds, allowing you to taste the vanilla and apple for a long time
  • The tail end has the lightest hint of nutmeg and other baking spices

Final Thoughts:

  • Bristol did not disappoint in this private pick. Not only is this the oldest barrel pick that we have seen out of Elijah Craig, but it is also the best barrel pick we have had. Now this is not a bottle you can buy retail, but it is one you can go and enjoy a glass of! Bristol Republic is located in Columbus Ohio and is one of the best Bourbon, BBQ, Country Bars in Columbus. You can find yourself enjoying a glass of this bottle for around $20 Thursday-Sunday and might we add that the palate compliments the BBQ they serve as well!
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