March 17, 2022

Happy St. Patricks Day with Writers Tears Double Oak

On todays episode, in Honor of St. Patricks Day, we have a glass of Writers Tears Double Oak, a truly great Irish Whiskey, dedicated to the great writers of Ireland, who spent many a night in a pub, and cried …

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March 10, 2022

Whipsaw Rye, A Finishing Masterpiece!

On todays episode we try whipsaw Rye, sourced and finished by the splinter group, a wine maker from California. THIS is what finishing is all about. A new ferrite for all three of us. Our only complaint was availability. But …

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March 3, 2022

22. Jim Beam's Devils Cut!

On todays episode we have a glass of Jim Beam Devils Cut. When liquid evaporates from the barrels, that is called the angels share. While the Liquid that seeps into the barrel and stays there, is called the devils cut. …

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Feb. 24, 2022

21. Down to the Last Feather! Last Feather Rye by Journeyman Distille…

And on todays episode are drinking feathered Rye from Journeyman's distillery in Michigan! A Great rye from a great distillery with a storied history! From their distillery in an old buggy whip and corset factory owned by a ...

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Feb. 17, 2022

20. Balcones Baby Blue!

On todays episode we have a glass of Baby Blue Corn From Balcones. Why blue corn? What makes blue corn so special? And why does types of corn we can or can’t eat keep coming up on this podcast?! All …

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Feb. 10, 2022

19. Oban Distillers Edition

On todays episode we have a glass of Oban Distillers edition. How is it that a Name that is well known in the Scotch world, can have only 7 employees? And why is the distillery less than a football field …

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Feb. 3, 2022

18. Drink Sexton to protect you from the Headless Horseman!

On todays episode we have a glass of Sexton, an Irish Whiskey aged in Sherry casks. A squat, black, English gothic look, complete with a Coiste Badhar on the back. A sweet intro to Irish that is sure to impress! …

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Jan. 27, 2022

17. A Drink for Mad Men! Canadian Club 12/1858

On todays episode we have a glass of Canadian Club 12 year! There isn’t a big cost difference between the original 1858 and the 12 year, so why would anyone still buy the 1858? We grab an extra glass on …

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Jan. 20, 2022

Making the 82nd Airborne Proud!

On todays episode we Have a glass of 82nd airborne by Boundary Oak Distillery! The bottle that proves Patriotic marketing can be done without being gimmicky by being honest, and having a great Bourbon to back it up! Be sure …

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Jan. 13, 2022

A Distributors pick, the Cornerstone Alpha!

On todays episode we Have a glass of the unknown! Cornerstone Alpha! A blend brought to us by none other than a distributor! Should distributors be taking a part in blending and barrel picking? Will there be a batch number …

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Jan. 6, 2022

I Have The Best Ugly Sweater, But Savage and Cooke Win Bad Sweater!

On todays episode we drink a holiday whiskey, Bad Sweater by Savage and Cooke! Have you ever wanted to taste the holidays, this is your chance! Be sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on instagram! As well …

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Dec. 30, 2021

An Interview with Watershed's Owner, Greg Lehman

On todays episode we finish up our series on watershed with an interview! Greg Lehman is the owner and founder of Watershed Distillery, which opened its doors in 2010. We talk about the past, present, and future of watershed,...

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Dec. 23, 2021

We Say YES to NOcino finished!

And on todays episode we continue with our journey through watershed distillery with their most unique bottle yet, their Nocino finished 4 year old bourbon! The walnut flavor was a big hit and perfect for winter! If you enjoy...

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Dec. 16, 2021

The names Bond, Watershed's Bottled In Bond!

On todays episode we continue with our journey through watershed distillery with the bottled in bond! We talk about the bottle, as well as the process of having a bottle in bond, and is the idea outdated? All that and …

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Dec. 9, 2021

The proof is in the barrel-Watershed barrel proof!

on todays episode we continue with our journey through watershed distillery with there barrel strength bourbon, finished in their apple brandy barrels. With a 6 year age statement, its their oldest bottle so far, and we can t...

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Dec. 2, 2021

Our First Look at Watershed Distillery

And todays episode is the first in our series on watershed distillery, right here in Columbus Ohio. We take a look at their standard offering, a four year old blended bourbon finished in Apple brandy Barrels, and boy did it …

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Nov. 25, 2021

We are Thankful for Horse Soldier!

And on today episode we talk about horse soldier! A great whiskey from a new distillery, or should I say soon to be new? Either way, it was founded by a group of guys who served in Afghanistan together, and …

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Nov. 18, 2021

Basil Hayden Toast

on todays episode we are joined by a special guest! Cody is a member of our whiskey group and he came to talk about one of his favorites, Basil Hayden Toast. We talk about toasted barrels and the different char …

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Nov. 11, 2021

7. Scotch!

This episode we talk scotch! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/whiskey-exchange/support

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Nov. 4, 2021

Irish whiskey

Irish whiskey has a long, storied history. we get into what makes Irish whiskey Irish, what flavors are prominent, and how Irish whiskey matches up with Irish culture. If you enjoy the show be sure to rate and review us …

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Oct. 28, 2021

5. American Single Malt

In todays episode, we discuss American Single Malt while drinking Cedar Ridge’s the Quintessential American Single Malt, made in Iowa. Check out Cedar ridge: https://crwine.com Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com...

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Oct. 21, 2021

4. Rye!

Episode 4 is on rye! We try Cardinal Rye, made in Indiana, and discuss the world of Rye Whiskey! Check out Cardinal Spirits: https://www.cardinalspirits.com Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/whiskeyexchangeclu...

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Oct. 14, 2021

Whats your Source?! is sourcing Whiskey a bad thing?

in todays episode, we sit down to have a glass of Jefferson Reserve to discuss sourced whiskeys. Are they bad? are they good? are they ugly? we talk about what we believe is there place in the whiskey world and …

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Oct. 7, 2021

Episode 2: Canadian Whiskey!

In todays episode, We drink Crown Royal XO as we discuss Canadian Whiskey! what makes it Canadian as well as the history and notes. Come Along! make sure to like our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/whiskeyexchangeclu...

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