April 1, 2023

🔒 Subscriber only! Dragon's Milk Origins!

🔒 Subscriber only! Dragon's Milk Origins!
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Subscriber-only episode

On today's episode we have a glass of Dragons Milk Origins from New Holland Distillery!.  Our series of Craft Distillers Wraps up with New Holland Distillery in Holland Michigan.  We talk, for a long time, about how to pronounce words, and to clear it up.  It is Root Beer, Route (Root), and reeses pieces. We also talk about beer and Beowulf!   All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers!

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  • I can’t drink beer anymore without my body hating me the next day; however, when I could drink beer I loved New Hollands Dragon’s Milk Stout
    • Stout finished in ex bourbon barrels. 
  • They have also done a dragon's milk bourbon and rye, mainly because of the name. But the bourbon and rye are not finished in the dragon’s milk barrels, until now. 


  • New Holland is a Brewing company first. They started that in 1997 and it wasn’t until 2005 that it started to catch onto the distilling world with its Gin and Vodka. 
  • They then saw a benefit to whiskey, especially whiskey finished in beer barrels
    • First to be released was Beer Barrel Bourbon
      • Which was believed to be bourbon finished in dragon’s milk stout, but might have turned out to be one of their ales
    • Second was the Beer Barrel Rye
      • Which was believed to be rye finished in dragon’s milk stout, but might have turned out to be one of their IPA’s
    • The third was their Dragon’s Milk Origins
      • Which is this bottle 
  • My thoughts: 
    • The origin’s line up, which there are two of them now, are made with whiskey they have distilled themselves. 
  • Reality: 
    • They are very tight lipped on this all 
    • Except for this, Origin is distilled on their prohibition-era pot still with extended periods of reflux.
    • They claim this is small batch
      • 100 barrels or less
      • There is only one company I have seen that does smaller batches 
        • 30 barrels
  • The bottle speaks for itself! 
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