May 18, 2023

Crown Royal Hand Select!

Crown Royal Hand Select!
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On today's episode we have a glass of crown Royal Hand Select!  We Continue our Canadian series with Special Guest Blake from the club!  We talk about how crown attempts to be the drink for everyone, how Crown Missed out on a 007 Crown Collaboration, and how this bottle may not be a store pick! All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

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  • History of distillery
    • created by Seagram and owned by Diageo since 2000
    • When it was founded
      • CREATED IN 1939 
    • Why they chose to start
    • But Crown Royal was available only in Canada until the 1960s
    • They are loosely related to Vikings 
    • It’s rabbi approved but not kosher 
      • Purple bags and draw string symbolize  the Jewish keter malchut crown and tallit, or prayer shawl bag, respectively.
  • The bottle
    • The look of the bottle
    • What is written on it
    • Notes on why it looks the way it does
  • The juice
    • How to get your hands on one:
      • You have to be a retailer and buy the whole barrel 
    • Mash bill
      • Keep in mind that many Canadian whiskies are commonly referred to as "rye", but the actual mashbill for this whisky is a high-rye mashbill of 64% corn, 31.5% rye and 4.5% malted barley, which is then aged in new oak barrels.
    • Who made it
    • Use column stills to produce their whiskey 
  • The type
    • From 1865-2010, Canadian Whisky was the best-selling Whisky in the US. Bourbon is now #1, but Canadian Whisky became popular when the civil war started due to many distilleries being abandoned and the troops needed it for anesthetic. Now, Canada does something very different than any other country when it comes to their whiskey. 
    • Canadian whiskey is produced by blending the ingredients after each one is distilled separately, adding a hint of caramel color and only after that is done, do they age it in wooden barrels. Everyone else distills all of the ingredients together, ages them in barrels and then blends the final product. In order for whiskey to be a true canadian whiskey, it must follow this distillation process, must age for 3 years in small wooden barrels, be made in Canada and be at least 80 proof.
    • Typically distilled and aged separate and then blended
      • Master blenders vs Master distillers
    • Who is Canadian Whiskey for? 
    • This is one of the few high proof, Canadian whiskies we have had, should they do more and is there that big of a difference between this and normal offerings that you would like to see more of these done? 
    • Not many, good, brands represented on the shelves. Why do you think that is? 
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