Aug. 18, 2022

Balcones American Single Malt!

Balcones American Single Malt!
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On today's episode we have a glass of Balcones American single malt!  American single malt is still in its infancy, and this one is a popular one, but not one for us.  We talk about american single malt, cinnamon, and Steve takes on a challenge! All that and more on today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

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  • We talked about this American Single Malt Whiskey Commission before and made the claim that we didn’t know if they were legit
    • They were established in 2016
  • There are nine distilleries that make up the founding members of this commission 
    • Balcones is one of them along with Westland, Few and Westward
  • Balcomes is named after the Balcones Fault, a fault line that runs through a lot of texes.
  • Fun Fact on Waco
    • The Masonic grand Lodge of Texas was built in Waco in 1904, and it was fully paid with $1 from every Mason in the state.


  • I am not sure if it was mentioned last time we talked about this distillery, but there was quite a fall out between the founder and the distillery
    • Tate was distilling using his own stills he designed and build on his own, but apparently Balancones was not happy with this and they parted way in 2014
      • 6 years after Tate started the company 
  • What was once created as a limited release, is now a part of their permanent line up. 
    • Balcones “1” Texas Single Malt Whiskey 
    • First released 7/2011
  • It does abide by the rules for american single malt
    • 100% malt Grain 
    • Distilled in copper pot stills 
    • Aged in new american oak
    • Non-chill filtered
  • One odd thing that we might have touched on before, but am not sure
    • One of the rules that distilleries, abiding by the ASMWC, will have to follow is that they will clearly state the city and state of both the distillation and of bottling 
    • Meaning distilleries could possibly source their juice for this
  • Even though they are one of the founders, this bottle is still incredibly different than any of the other american single malt bottles out there
  • We talked about who the audience would be for a bottle like this in previous episodes, but I am starting to wonder if we, as america's, are starting to want to be like everyone else or like scotch
    • Unique to the point where the rules, alone, do not dictate the flavor