April 29, 2023

🔒 Lagavulin cask strength 2022 special release!

🔒 Lagavulin cask strength 2022 special release!
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Subscriber-only episode

On today's Subscriber only episode we have a glass of Lagavulin Cask Strength! Continuing our scotch series with special guest Ryan from the club.  We talk about the price of scotch, premium tobacco, and this scotch series. All that and more on 

today's episode of Whiskey Chasers! 

Our Website iswww.whiskeychaserspod.com, check us out! Thanks, and enjoy the show!

Be sure to show some love for the company that brought you today'sbottle!

  • We had a member of the club go to scotland for a work related trip and while he was over there, we had his ask a few questions that we were dying to know about scotch and here are the responses
    • So why Peat? 
      • It is easier to grow than trees since the majority of scotland is close to the sea and there are strong winds there
      • Loose soil + high winds = tree roots can’t grow deep before they are blown away
      • Peat also grows at a crazy fast rate
  • At one point in my life I thought that Lagavulin 16 was the best of the best and nothing could or would compare. Then I had the distillers cut from them and thought this is the best and it could never get better. Then I got my hands on this bottle and I am not sure I can find any better. This might be their best bottling yet. 
  • I have this rule about scotch:
    • 8 years is too young
    • 10-12 is okay but still young
    • 16 and above is the sweet spot
  • This bottle continues to prove me wrong in my thinking. 
    • This one is 12 years
      • Meaning that the youngest barrel that goes into this blend is 12 years old 
    • And somehow it is able to pull out all the right flavors with no young aftertaste. 
    • virgin oak and their smokiest reserves, peaty casks 
  • What really annoys me about distillers or brands is when you cannot find any history about them. 
    • All they appear to want is to sell their product
    • I want the product, but I want the history and to know how you do what you do. 
    • Lagavulin (Diageo) does just that, little history but pages of their offerings. 
  • Price tag: 
    • $163 is considered a fair price
    • We have talked about scotch costing more, why do we think that is? Just because of age? 
    • Ardbeg is cheap, is it because it’s cheap scotch?
  • Blended versus single malt
    • Which is better? 
    • Which provides more flavor? 
    • Which is cheaper? 
    • Does the price tag matter in blended?  
  • If they are pipe smokers or cigar smokers, what do they drink? 
    • Blended for bulk tobacco? 
    • Single malt for tin tobacco? 
    • Would blend determine the bottle or region?
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